venerdì 18 febbraio 2011 in progress

Hi everyone!
I'm working on two dresses right now: a dark green wool crepes dress (view 1) and a stretch cotton, tiny stripes in blue and white (view 6)!

Two good things about them: first, I can wear a size 14!!! I had only 16...and always hat to resize the bottom part...!
Second, the pattern is just perfect...the dresses fit as a glove!!!
Hopefully I can upload some pics on the week stay tuned!!!

3 commenti:

  1. non vedo ora di verderle
    ciao joan
    dove compri i tuoi vintage modelli?
    buon weekend

  2. Ciao Joan, sono troppo contenta di questo pattern...sembra fatto su misura per me...è perfetto!!!
    Compro qui o su ebay!!!
    Buon week end anche a te!!!

  3. I will be the "stalking", I love those dresses 60s style and I'm sure you have two garments that look wonderful.