domenica 16 gennaio 2011

Advance 8029

Hi ladies!
Here is my second dress from Advance 8029!
Here' the pattern, view 3

I'm happy with it, still I think I'll make a little smaller from the side next time.
I need to improve in sewing the zipper!

I have a problem with the back pleat: as I set in my car the fabric ripped in the upper side of the pleat, you know where the seam is. I was thinking to cover the disaster with a tiny bow...any other suggestions?
How do you enforce that spot?

8 commenti:

  1. This is beautiful! I absolutely love the color and it looks so great on you! Great job!!

  2. That's a great job! The colour is perfect and the fit is lovely. Zippers can be really tricky. Why don't you try Tasia's tutorial for a handpicked zipper:

    Great blog you have!

  3. Hey, what a joy to find someone close! Even decades we like the same style, from los40s to the 60s, these are my favorites. I will come here .... Love, love your dress.

  4. I would recommend Tasia's tutorial for the handpicked zipper. I've never sewed a zipper by machine because I love the control you get from doing it by hand. It doesn't really take that long either and it's very neat.

    LOVE the dress too - such a beautiful colour.

  5. Thank you ladies! Im going to check Tasia's tutorial for sure!

  6. The dress looks good! What fabric did you make this dress out of? It looks like a nice wool from here, but it's hard to tell. And I love the new headline banner!

  7. Hi Jo! Yes, it's a wool blend, red and white...very soft! I buy my fabric in a fantastic shop, all Italian stuff....a lot of fantastic silk as well, I get crazy everytime I go there, I would buy all!!!